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You Aren’t Alone In Your Pain

Depression, anxiety, and emotional pain say, “You’re alone; you’re a misfit. No one else will understand the rain clouds and hurricanes raging wild behind you eyes.” Truth says, “You’re not alone in your depression or anxiety. In fact, a great many people have the same battle, wondering if they’re alone, as well. You’re not a misfit. You’re not alone. You are loved and worth much more than you’ve been told. In fact, you are loved and worth much more than you have ever dreamed.”

“We’re all deeply flawed and even more deeply loved by God.” – Bob Goff

We’re all fallen, yet eternal creatures, desperate for healing and redemption. No one is “good”; no one is “whole”. We’re all suffering from the effects of the fall. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

Show me a Lexus and I’ll show you a broken person behind the wheel. Introduce me to a celebrity idol and I’ll likely introduce you to someone consumed with insecurity. You know that girl/guy laughing all the time at school, trying to get everyone’s attention? Most likely he’s not laughing on the inside.

There have been a few occasions where I’ve received a private message on social media where someone is telling me that they suffer from depression and anxiety. What’s incredibly heartbreaking is that they don’t feel comfortable telling anyone else about their struggle, so they write me privately. They feel alone – a misfit among the perceived flawless, beautiful people of a fictional utopia our society has created.

You are someone (an eternal creature), not something (a disorder or a struggle with brokenness). You are an eternal being created in the image of God, not some loser with no future. You’re a human being who has a struggle with brokenness, not a disorder pretending to be human.

In other words, do you feel depressed? You’re not alone in the dark. Do you wrestle with anxiety? You’re not the only person wanting a loving embrace. You’re a normal, broken human being, desperately looking for the love for which we were all created.

You aren’t alone in your pain.