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You Are Not Invisible

“Everyone needs to be valued. Everyone has the potential to give something back.” – Diana Princess of Wales

We’ve all felt alone, abandoned, worthless, and insignificant. Some of us have felt like that more than others, but we’ve all tried to fill that void in one way or another, whether it be career success, monetary gain, or popularity. It’s within the human spirit to seek meaning, purpose, and value. Why? Simple:

We were created by God to be known by God, to know God, and to love others.

You were created with purpose. You were created with meaning. You were created with value. You were created in love. In fact, the Scriptures tell us that God knew you before you were even created! How fascinating…

The human heart is starving for purpose and meaning because we have lost connection with the God who created us through our sinful rebellion. We turned against God, yet He has not given up in his incessant pursuit of our redemption. We nailed Jesus – the Son of God – to a cross, yet God still chases us.

We can’t outrun the Lover of our souls…

It doesn’t matter what your parents say about you or how your peers reject you. It doesn’t matter if you are as talented as everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you have less than those so-called “successful” people around you. You are seen. God sees you. I see you. Others see you. You’re not invisible to the God who designed you with love. You’re not invisible to everyone else.

In fact, there are people in this world who do love you and who do care about you. Maybe you haven’t met them yet, but they exist. Don’t allow bullies and jerks to define everyone else you meet in your life.

Maybe you feel invisible, but know that you are incredibly valuable, you are seen, and you are furiously loved!

You are not invisible.