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Why You Matter To Others More Than You Know

“You never knew exactly how much space you occupied in people’s lives.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Have I ever mentioned that I’m good friends with the writer Donald Miller? Did I mention C.S. Lewis? Of course, I must have mentioned George Orwell in at least one of my posts (hint: I did). These dudes and I go way back. I mean, Donald and I were friends in my college years when he wrote “Blue Like Jazz”. C.S. Lewis was always such an encouraging fella through both his fictional and non-fictional works. George Orwell showed me the world through bizarre and fascinating eyes…

It’s too bad they didn’t know we were friends. Shame, shame, shame…

What’s fascinating about connecting with our favorite thinkers, artists, and teachers is that we connect with their vulnerability, yet it only goes one way. They impact us, but they never even know what kind of difference they’re making in our lives.

The same goes for you, even if you have believed the lie that you’re invisible.

People love you, even if they’ve never even said the words. There are people who have been encouraged by you, even when it was a simple act that you don’t even remember. Many people compare themselves to you, but they’ll never admit it. You are the friend that someone else wishes they had in their life.

As F. Scott (another buddy of mine) said, we “occupy” the lives of others more than we even know.

The other day I went to get a haircut, not expecting to have any heavy conversations. However, the girl cutting my hair asked me about my tattoo, so I explained how it is about suicide prevention and living our lives for more than just having a good time. She went on to tell me about her good friend who took his own life a few weeks ago. His girlfriend was shattered…His friends were in shock…His family was broken-hearted. He was loved, but he believed the lie that he didn’t matter. He believed the lie that his life wasn’t important to anyone else. Such a tragedy…

We all go through times where we wonder if anyone really cares about us. There have been days in my life where I felt that it was me against the world. The truth is, I was wrong all of those times.

We have never been unloved.

The truth is, there are people in this world who care about us. The truth is, God has never forgotten our names. The truth is, other people need you more than you even know.

What if we began to share with others how much they mean to us? What if you realized that you matter more to others than you can comprehend? Wouldn’t that change everything?

Not to get all “preachy”, but if God would step into human flesh, walk with us, and then die a horrible death for our redemption, I think that is a pretty clear sign that we are loved.

Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you are loved by others. Your life does matter to those around you. You do have the power to make a positive difference in your world.

May we learn to accept love and to give it in return. May we learn to see ourselves through eyes of love, not eyes of self-hate.