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Why Life Is Much, Much More Than Money Can Buy

“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.” – Kevin Kruse

“Made in Italy.”






Words are merely words until we attach them to an object or a person. Once attached, we give them a magic all to themselves.

I have worked with starving artists in LA and I’ve worked in luxury fashion with Armani. Both sides of the coin, yet incredibly different. Through it all, I have learned a deep, dark secret: everyone, regardless of their wealth or social status, is lonely, hurting, and broken. As the famous philosophers, The Beatles, once said:

“Cause I don’t care too much for money 

For money can’t buy me love”

– The Beatles, “Can’t Buy Me Love”

Money, popularity, power, and prestige will never satisfy your soul. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…I already know this.” Awesome. Yet, if you step back and look at what you’re living for, are you more concerned with your possessions than those who can offer you nothing in return? Is that new job title more important to you than leaving work on-time to be with your family? Does being popular in your school lead you to compromising who you are to fit in?

Examine yourself. Do you really take this whole “stuff doesn’t satisfy the soul” jargon seriously?

Whether it’s Solomon in the Scriptures or Kanye, stuff never satisfied them…Yet, here they are, two of the most prestigious, wealthy people of their times!

I’m not much for country music, but this quote is too good to overlook:

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.” – Garth Brooks

What cannot be bought with money, prestige, power, or success?








It costs us nothing to love others. There is no dollar sign on the mercy and grace found in forgiving someone who has offended you. A starving artist can be the most wealthy human being on the face of the earth when enraptured in their creative work. Nothing can replace the embrace, the conversation, and the concern of a friend.

What are you living for?

Do you have what money can’t buy?