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Why I Believe That Broken People Can Change The World (For The Better)

“It’s the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it.” – Frank Warren

When I was a teenager, my heroes were the celebrities, the athletes, and the spiritually renowned – the ideal humans in an imperfect world (or so I thought). Yet, as I have continued journeying through life, I become more enamored with the people touching the lives of the hurting, spending their lives in a stature of humility, and being brutally honest about their own brokenness.

I have many regrets in my life, some of which used to leave me feeling used-up, damaged, and of little value. How could I make a difference? How could such a messed up guy like me bring hope to others? What good could I offer my world?

Then it happened, slowly, but surely…A brutally honest conversation of my shortcomings that encouraged a friend would take place…A blog post I wrote would speak hope to someone facing the same war inside their head…A moment would occur where I would feel empathy and compassion for a stranger who was hurting…

Could it be that God was using my own brokenness and my own weakness to bring light into the world?

Maybe that’s why we’re subconsciously attracted to broken people under renovation who are voices of hope: they remind us of the person we long to become, despite our own broken state. Whether it be Robert Downey, Jr. or the Apostle Paul, we often find these individuals to be more magnetic and inspirational than the perceived “perfect” few. We can relate! We all have a past! We all have a war within ourselves between who we were and who we long to be!

Maybe you’ve been wondering if you’re damaged beyond repair, lost among the more qualified. Good news: not only are you still a valuable piece of art formed by God, but you have the potential to be a catalyst of light in a darkened world!

We’ve been sold a lie. We’re not beyond redemption as our darkened hearts have said, condemning us from the inside. No! We bear the very image of God and He calls us back to life! Jesus came to bring us redemption and life, not condemnation and shame.

Have you been broken? Do you have regrets from your past? Does a terrible fear that you’re condemned by God plague you at night?

Healing is real. Forgiveness is real. Grace is real.

As the band Jars of Clay once said in their classic titled “Liquid”: “He didn’t die for nothing.”

You were worth dying for in the eyes of God…Isn’t it time we started living in that reality? Isn’t it time that we started bringing such grace and hope to others?

I truly do believe that we can change the world.