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Why Dream If Dreams Don’t Always Come True?

“And all my life, I’ve been told

Follow your dreams but the trail went cold

And the heart don’t lie

And that’s a good luck charm

But I’m watching it tear out of my arms”

Brandon Flowers, “Between Me And You”


“A dream is a wish your heart makes”, at least according to Disney.

If you’ve read much of my writing, then you know that I spent close to a decade pursuing a dream to become a film actor. As you may guess, that didn’t quite go as planned…But why did I have that dream so deep in my heart if I was going to fail?

I’ve asked myself this question so many times…Why dream if dreams don’t always come true? Why not just play it safe and live a comfortable life? I guess the answer to that question is another question:

Why not dream, rather than wasting your life in mediocrity?

I’ve found that it’s better to go after the dreams God places on your heart, even if they don’t work out. God may not have put that dream on your heart to give you that dream; maybe you needed to go that direction in order to begin living the life you were created to live.

“The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve heard it said that things never quite turn out the way they are planned. That is often true…But what if that is a good thing? What if God can bring us blessings and surprises in the journey towards the future imagined within our souls? What if our vision of tomorrow is nowhere close to the meaningful future God has in store?

Maybe I’m just a dreamer who is destined to fail, but I am starting to think otherwise. What if I’m right where God wants me to be thanks to the journey of broken dreams and an aching spirit? What if this is part of the life God calls us to – the life of mystery, desperation for God, and a love affair with hope?

Never forget how to dream, even if you fail 99 times out of 100. The destination isn’t always the point of this thing called life. What if God has destined us for the journey more than the finish line?

You’ll be alright, even if you’re experiencing great failure. Keep dreaming and one day you’ll be glad you didn’t lose the wonder.