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Why Depression & Anxiety Are Not The End of Your Story

It was a terribly dark and lonely night in Los Angeles when I started to ask myself if my story was nothing but anxiety mixed with failed dreams…My anxiety had consumed me that evening and I found myself sitting in my car in the driveway, wondering if there was anything more to my life than the pain. I wasn’t reaching my dreams and my anxiety completely dominated my day from sunrise to sunset. Thankfully, hope reminded me that better things were on their way…When, I had no idea. However, I can now attest that hope didn’t disappoint.

When we suffer, we often wonder if we’re never going to get better and if our lives will ever amount to anything more than our brokenness. It’s an honest question, but it can also lead to despair if we don’t trust hope and truth that things will get better.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln

The future is yet to be created. So you are facing a massive battle with depression or anxiety right now. OK. But what of tomorrow? What of hope for next year? Where could you be after seeking professional help? The possibilities are endless.

Erwin McManus – pastor of Mosaic LA – used to say (paraphrasing), “We are all becoming better versions of ourselves or worse. There is no in-between. No one is stagnant. Our choices now create tomorrow.”

What if we began to choose hope instead of despair? What if we started asking for help instead of hiding behind “everything’s alright”? What if we were willing to accept that our identity is not defined by our disorder and brokenness?

It’s not our disorder that determines our future; it’s how we choose to respond to our disorder that creates who we become.


  1. Erin S Erin S

    “The future is yet to be created”
    Love that! It takes the future out of the realm of happenstance and into an intentionality. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Julie Julie

    Thank you for this article .., it was an encouragement to me. I have been struggling lately with both anxiety and depression, and for the first time in a while I felt some hope …

    • Hey Julie, you’re totally welcome. And remember: there is ALWAYS hope, no matter how dark things may seem. You are much more than the brokenness you’re battling.

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