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We Must Stop Downplaying The Brokenness In The Lives of Others

“It’s easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut.” – William Shakespeare

I recently ran across a tweet that a follower of Jesus posted, stating that depression is a spiritual battle alone, not a mental health disorder. After 10 years of in-depth counseling and therapy for anxiety/depression, as well as beating myself over the head with Scripture for over a decade, I can promise you that their words are an absolute lie.

Depression and anxiety are not simply a spiritual battle. To say such a foolish thing is as if to say that someone with cancer is living in sin…That is absolute nonsense. The human body is fallen and in decay. The brain is not exempt from such a reality of living in a fallen world.

There are bullies – the people who pretend to have it all-together on the outside, constantly destroying others as they cover up their own brokenness.

If you know someone going through a battle, whether illness, addiction, recovery from abuse, depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or the like, what if you decided to meet them in their brokenness, rather than critique and attack them in their vulnerability?

The brokenness that is so apparent in the lives of another doesn’t erase the brokenness that you so cleverly hide within the confines of your soul. God knows what you hide. You know what keeps you up at night, haunting your thoughts and dreams. You can’t run from the brokenness that you must face, but you can definitely act as if it does’t exist until it sickens your soul.

Scars are not jokes to be told, but rather wounds where we must treat one another with the utmost of care.

If you are being bullied for your brokenness, know that there are people who genuinely do care. Not everyone is like the person who is speaking destructive words over your life.

It’s alright to be a broken vessel under repair.

It’s alright to ask for help.

It’s not weakness to admit your need for healing; it’s strength.