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Voices – When Words & Thoughts Tell You You’re Worthless

“For many people, the hard thing about ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’ isn’t loving their neighbor, it’s loving themselves.” – Donald Miller

I’m a loser…

No one will ever love me…

My life is a mistake…

Have you ever said anything similar about yourself? Have you ever felt that sick pain in your heart, feeling as if you’re worthless? It’s OK to admit that you’ve wrestled with these thoughts before. I’ve been there myself. What is hard to accept, yet true, is that these are all lies, not truths.

Several years ago, I told myself that I was probably too damaged in my anxiety disorder to find healing. Years later, I’m able to speak hope to others who are in that mental hell where I used to reside. I still struggle at times, but I don’t dwell there any longer. The truth was that I could get better. The lie whispered within was that I was damaged goods. How I felt then didn’t have the right to determine what could be now.

If you’re in that darkened room of despair within yourself, I hope you know that you’re not alone, that you’re not a mistake, and you’re not worthless. You may feel like you’re a loser, but your feelings don’t determine what is true. Truth is truth, regardless of your opinions or feelings. You’re no loser. You’re a creature made in the image of God! Not only do you matter to the heart of God, but you also matter to other people, even if you haven’t met them yet.

Maybe someone has told you that you’re a mistake. They were wrong. Maybe you told yourself that you’re a mistake. You were wrong. God’s not in the business of making mistakes. In fact, you’ve been known by God before you were even imagined.

You may battle a mental/emotional disorder, but that doesn’t make you damaged beyond repair. We are all broken creatures in a fallen world. The truth to which you must cling is that healing is very real, hope is always available, and your life is not defined by your disorder. You’re much, much more than the wars you fight.

Wherever you are in this moment, tell yourself the truth: you are loved, you matter, and better days are ahead.

Voices are just temporary noise; truth is everlasting.