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They Lied When They Said The Good Die Young: Why We Must Begin Fighting For Our Lives In A World Gone Mad

“They lied when they said the good die young.” – Anberlin, “Godspeed”

Yes, I did get those lyrics tattooed to my arm. Yes, I love sharing photos of my new ink, because it matters to me immensely. With that said, it would be an incredible shame if I didn’t discuss the meaning behind it, especially as I bombard you with photos on social media.

The lyrics are derived from the song “Godspeed” by Anberlin, which has been my anthem since my days in Los Angeles – a time when my anxiety and depression were out of control. In my own heart, it serves as a reminder to continue to fight for my life and for all that is good.

When discussing the song “Godspeed”, lead singer Stephen Christian put it this way:

“It’s about different stories through rock and roll history where drugs played a major downfall or death in the person’s life, such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Nico, Moon, Vicious, etc…It’s selfish and tiring. I feel that ‘rock stars’ start believing their own hype and begin on an egocentric journey that inevitably ends in destruction.” – Stephen Christian of Anberlin

Let’s take it a step further: this doesn’t just apply to rock stars; this applies to EVERYONE ON THE PLANET.

Our culture has bought the lie of that asinine acronym “yolo” – you only live once (otherwise interpreted: go live like hell or heaven, because it doesn’t matter in the end). The problem with that mentality is that it leaves us filling our lives with empty distractions, empty pleasures, and empty hearts. We were meant for so much more than pursuing pleasure and happiness.

We were designed to be fully alive! We were designed to know the heart of God! We were designed for so much more than what we’ve been told by this mad, mad world!

With regards to the emptiness and destruction of drugs, here is a haunting quote from the legendary Kurt Cobain of Nirvana (who died of a drug overdose):

“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.” Kurt Cobain

Drugs will destroy you. Addiction will destroy you. Porn will destroy you. Self-harm will destroy you. The pursuit of pleasure will destroy you. Rebellion against God will destroy you. Suicide will destroy you (obviously).

We are often our own worst enemies, feeding our bodies and souls poison, then blaming God for the resulting pain, heartache, and death.

I’m sick of it.

Do you use drugs? Find help; you’re worth it.

Do you suffer from addiction? Find help; you’re worth it.

Do you suffer from self-harm? Find help; you’re worth it.

Do you suffer with the pursuit of pleasure? Find help; you’re worth it.


They lied when they said the good die young.