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The United Dystopia of America: What If We’re Living In A Society of Fictional Freedom?

Oftentimes, I feel like I’m living in a dystopian society comparable to Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World”…

America…The land where mass genocide of young life is disguised as “freedom”.

America…Where government has gained far too much power and far too much control over the thoughts of the next generation, brain-washing them to believe that right is wrong and wrong is right.

America…A society built on greed, hedonism, self-admiration, and lust for power. Whether conservative or liberal, we parade leaders who offer us what our wicked, greedy hearts desire, not leaders of wisdom and truth.

America…Where pop culture influences the masses more than philosophy, truth, principles of logic, and ideas that question the meaning of life. Instead, lust, pride, destructive substances, pleasure, violence, hatred, self-destructive justification, distraction from what’s real, and egocentrism (think Kanye West) have become the mantra of the misguided youth, listening to a system that is breaking down rather than seeking after what is true.

America…A land where, if I disagree with this progressive, hedonistic culture, I am shamed into silence. “Bigot”. “Jesus freak”. “Kill-joy”. “Moral neanderthal”. I’ve heard it all, despite the fact that I show love and compassion to all humanity, regardless of our differences. How dare I speak against what I believe to be evil, self-worship, and pleasure that distracts us from self-examination of morality. Ah, that’s right; I must learn my place, shut up, walk to the same beat of the masses, and take the red pill of ignorance. Big brother is always watching.

America…I am so embarrassed to be called one of your own. You are nothing more than hell on earth pretending to be a “land of the free”.

I pledge allegiance to a Kingdom that is not of this world, where truth, life, love, grace, mercy, hope, and the worship of the True Creator is celebrated, cherished, and embraced. This world is not my home, nor do I desire to claim its citizenship.

To hell with this broken system. For as long as I breathe I will share the hope, grace, love, and compassion of my Father and my God. Burn me at the stake, crucify me upside-down, or humiliate me in the public marketplace of ideas, but I refuse to turn my back on what I know to be reality; I will not serve a fictional matrix that will bring destruction upon us all.

Hate me. That’s fine; I still love you. Despise me. That’s alright; I will continue to pray for you. Call me every derogatory name and I will call you a creature made in the image of God.

I needed to get this out…I’ve been in silence for far too long. I know who I am and Who I serve. Who are you, who do you worship (we all worship something, including ourselves), and who do you want to become?


Andrew Voigt, Daddy’s boy