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The Silent & Seemingly Absent God

Some of the darkest, loneliest nights I’ve ever lived were when I felt as if God had abandoned me…It’s strange, but God often seems distant and silent during the moments I so desperately long for His voice…For many years, the thought would cross my mind: what if God has completely overlooked my cries for help?

Prayer has been painted in such a twisted light in modern generations, being presented as a way to get God’s “favor”, “blessings”, and “divine revelation”. The truth of the matter is, prayer is much more about us reaching out in faith, knowing that God is up to something, yet fully understanding that we may not get an answer immediately. In fact, even when Jesus prayed in the garden before his crucifixion, it doesn’t appear that it was a two-way conversation. God the Father seemed quiet as God the Son prayed for His will to be done.

I’m not going to pretend to have this all figured out. I hate it when God seems to go missing…It’s as if I lost Jesus somewhere in the midst of my busyness. I turn around and he’s nowhere to be found. I cry out, yet he’s left the building. As I said, those have been some of my darkest moments…

Yet, what if we have it all wrong? What if God is answering us in the apparent silence? What if He is as close as ever before when we feel His presence the least? What if the very feeling of God’s abandonment and the very silence that we fear so much are God’s way of growing and strengthening our faith in Him, not our feelings or our dependence upon instant answers?

“I am sure God keeps no one waiting unless He sees that it is good for him to wait.” – C.S. Lewis

Let’s be honest: we have become very acquainted with instant gratification in our society. Need an answer? Email, text, call, direct message, etc… Want to purchase something? A few clicks and you’re golden.

God doesn’t work like, nor is He as impersonal as a robotic shopping mall. God is ever present, despite our feelings. He is also outside of time, knowing what comes next before we do. That perspective changes everything.

It’s hard to accept, but I believe that no prayer is overlooked or lost in translation. Maybe we’ll never fully understand what God was up to behind the scenes, but He has promised to always be with us until the end of time.

Are you waiting on a prayer to be answered, yet you feel as if God has left you empty?

Have you been feeling as if God abandoned you, regardless of what you may believe about His promises?

What if we began trusting that God is near because of who He says He is, rather than on our feelings?

What if we began to trust that He has the best in mind, even when it looks as if the world is falling apart?