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The Sacred Bean: A Coffee Poem (No…Seriously…A poem about coffee.)


Each week, I strive to write honest and thought-provoking ideas about what matters most in life.  To ignore such an important topic would be an absolutely unforgivable error that I could never appeal. Thus, here is my anthem of love for my dearest friend: the sacred coffee bean. Grab a mug and prepare your hearts…You might even want some Kleenex…This is gonna get real.

The Sacred Bean: A Coffee Poem 

by Andrew Voigt

Oh, thou sacred bean of purest mirth
Each day I delight in your rich yummy worth
Your darkest tones, your earthy flare
Momentarily removes every worldly care

For what could I compare to thee?
A soda pop, a cheap fizzy?
Chills grip my skin just at the thought
Acidic soda over latte’s froth?!?!

Each morning I gladly wake to thee
The elixir of life, not milk or tea
A hint of cream, no sugar please
Over ice is best with a summer’s breeze

You see, this is not simply a beverage
A bean to call average
Or a drink for a savage
Coffee sustained me those late nights in college
And strangely enough, it’s what led to my marriage

Oh! Sacred bean, of thee I sing
Your darkened tones beyond our dreams
Your lovely fragrance in the air
When each new pot is brewed with care

Thanksgiving means espresso beans
Mixed with pumpkin and whipping cream
Throw some nutmeg on the top
Just keep pouring, don’t you stop!

Christmas fills our hearts with joy
Peppermint mochas add milk or soy
Gingerbread lattes and cranberry bars
It brings joy to all, whether near or far

You may drink light, medium, or dark
Or espresso used in latte art
Trees and hearts cut out of foam
By the sacred bean as it sinks down slow

But never call it just a drink
Caffeine rush of liquid energy
The elixir of life awakens our dreams
A magical power of warm memories

So when you wake to a new day’s light
Don’t forget to brew a cup or a pint
Or have a barista’s professional touch
Deliver your coffee for breakfast or brunch


  1. MARY ELLEN Blackburn MARY ELLEN Blackburn

    Now I’ve heard it all!!?????? You are something else!!

    Mary Ellen Blackburn

  2. Finally a coffee poem. I am such an addict of coffee and i love that you have taken time to compose such a beautiful poem.
    With love, Eye candy

    • Thank you so much! I felt that this was long overdue. 😉

  3. Suzanne Suzanne

    You are so silly 🙂

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