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The One Day Dream

We all have dreams of how we envision our future, whether that is our career, a relationship, our family, or a specific location. In many cases, this can be overwhelming and we’re left grasping for air as we find our hopeful destinations too far out of reach.

But what about today? What dreams do you have that you can accomplish today? What act of kindness for a stranger can you dream up and DO today? What one thing can you accomplish in this next 24 hours to increasingly become an “expert” in your career? What one loving act can you do for a spouse, family member, or friend who you deeply value?

Many of us, including myself, get caught up in our future aspirations and we often completely forget that life is happening all around us. A friend may need our encouragement today, but we miss it in our hectic schedule. An opportunity to become better at your dream vocation often gets overlooked by lies that say, “You’ll never make it. Why even start?”

As I sit here, sipping coffee and looking at the day ahead full of interactions with my city, I am struck with the thought that I can make a positive lasting impact in someone’s life TODAY. Not tomorrow when I’ve made it up the ladder of career success, or in a decade when I’m making six figures and able to build my own orphanage. TODAY I can make a lasting positive impact in my little world.

So, what will you do today?

– AV