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The Art of Love

“There is nothing more artistic than to love others.” – Vincent Van Gogh

When you hear the word “love”, what comes to mind? Romantic love? Love within friendship? Love for parents and family? Compassionate love for those who need your help?

When you hear the word “art”, what comes to mind? Paintings? Music? Sculpting? Acting? Writing? Designing? Composing? Performing?

As Van Gogh reminds us, what if love is actually the greatest form of art? In fact, what if love is the driving force behind ALL of art’s various forms, whether it is the expression of love, the longing for love, or the anger at broken love?

Love must be expressed in unique ways towards the different people in our lives. When I think of my wife, the love I have for her is completely unique to her and her alone. As I think of my family, the love I have for them and the way I express it is completely different than any other relationships in the world. When I consider my friends, every single one of them requires a different expression of love of grace. The yearning and craving within my soul for God is expressed within a unique language of love – one that calls for Him, longs for Him, and worships Him.

Are you looking to love the people in your life within the context of their needs, rather than a generic love that is devoid of creativity and compassion?

Generic love is weak. Generic love offers a material gift when an emotional gift is desired. Generic love says all the “right” things from a distance, but avoids getting messy in the up-close needs of others.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” – 1 John 3:18

I currently have a close friend who is separated from his wife. He needs a unique expression of love that shows concern, encouragement, kindness, and empathy. Another friend recently found out that her young daughter has kidney cancer. The love and compassion that she needs is completely different and unique to her situation.

Love is the greatest expression of our artistic souls, because it forces us to create something new within each story of life.

Is it possible that love is so all-encompassing because the very Creator of all things calls Himself “Love”?

Who in your life needs to be loved?

Are you simply throwing a generic love out towards everyone, or are you taking the time to create a unique expression for each individual according to their needs?

What actions can you take today to let the ones you love know that you care about them?


  1. This is a great article. Thank you for sharing this with me on Twitter. 🙂

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