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Sometimes It’s Alright To Travel Alone

“Some walks you have to take alone.” – Suzanne Collins

There are journeys that not everyone will travel…There are dreams that not everyone can understand…There are callings that not everyone will hear. What if that’s OK?

I’ve pursued much of my dreams on my own, fumbling and falling more than I’d care to admit. Yet, if I’m honest, I look back on those days stepping into the unknown as some of my most cherished moments…It’s as if God and I are sharing memories that only we know…

We all need other people in our lives. We need others to love, we need those who call out the best in us, and we need people who love us at our worst. There are days where we need a loving embrace from someone else, not an adventure into the unknown. We all long to love and to be loved by other human souls. I am not suggesting that we abdicate human relationships; I am suggesting that sometimes it’s alright to journey alone.

The human spirit was never designed to be a machine. We dream, we create, we imagine, and we venture into the unknown. The Scriptures teach that we are created in the image of God – the God who created everything from nothing, the God who imagined all of space and time, and the God who breathed all of life into existence.

What dreams are on your heart that will bring hope and life into your world? Are you willing to step into the unknown without another human being by your side?

Maybe you don’t believe in God, but isn’t it strange how He often crosses your mind when you’re alone? Is it possible that you’re alone in that place and time because God is trying to get your attention?

There’s something miraculous about stepping into the unknown, solely accompanied by God. What makes it even more fascinating is the realization that He doesn’t abandon us, no matter where we may find ourselves.

What dreams are lingering and burning within your heart? Will they bring life to the world, or will they simply serve your own desires? Not every dream is a calling. If that was the case, then why am I not playing wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers?

It’s alright if your dreams call to you and no one else. It’s alright if God brings seasons into your life where all you have is His presence. Those are days to embrace with wonder and amazement, not with fear and despair!

It’s alright if God calls you to a dream that other people won’t understand. Sometimes it’s alright to travel alone.