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My Endorsement For President Is: __________

“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.” – Mark Twain

There you have it – my thoughts on politics (technically Mark Twain’s thoughts, but I concur). You really didn’t think I was going to endorse a candidate, did you?

Fine. Jerry Seinfeld/Costanza 2016. Satisfied?

Before I get started, please hear me out: politics DO matter. I’m not advocating the stance that we should be ignorant and disinterested. Got it? Good.

So…What is this post really about?

This post is directed towards followers of Jesus regarding their heart’s true allegiance.

If you make bad decisions in life like me, then you probably watched the Presidential Debates last night…To mourn the time lost that shall never return…

As entertaining as it might be, I have no interest in discussing politics. There are many other people far more qualified to do so. Yet, politics do have an affect on me to the extent that I must address one aspect: the matter of our allegiance.

Take a moment and consider the vitriol that filled your veins when listening to the candidate who is not getting your vote. If you were on Twitter last night, then you know that the debates left an emotional impact on the viewers. Maybe I’m jaded, but has anything good ever come out of a social media debate over politics?

For those of you who are Christ followers, consider the teaching you digest when you are reading the Scriptures or hearing a message about the Gospel of Jesus. Consider the sobering reminder that the world is sin-sick and in desperate need of redemption.

Does that not compel you to be a voice of hope for the Kingdom that never fades? Are you outraged at the twisted system of our fallen world that is destroying humanity? Does the Kingdom of Jesus matter more to you than these temporary empires on earth?

If you follow Christian leaders on Twitter, then you probably saw a mixed bag of opinions being spattered across the newsfeed after the debate last night. Anger filled many of their words, leaving me reeling…What have we become? Is the Body of Christ truly about the empire of America, or is it about an eternal country that will outlive them all?

Jesus taught that we must be about His Kingdom before all else. We should have values, morals, and convictions that lead to action at the polls this election. No doubt. Yet, if so, where are those same convictions and that same passion when it comes to the Kingdom of Jesus?

Our earthly empires are ruled by broken human beings, constantly fumbling over their own frailty. The Kingdom of Jesus is ruled by a perfect King who requires no vote, no congress, no legislature, nor a good lawyer for when things go south.

Empires fall, rise, then fall again. The Kingdom of Jesus is eternal – the country of wretches, sinners, and vagabonds who are now made whole by the blood of Christ.

Such grace! Grace that covers our hypocrisy and calls us back to life. Grace that reminds us that we’re much more than skin and bone. Grace that gives us the air we breath. Grace that invites a fallen humanity into a newer, greater story. Grace that reminds us that our silly empires are temporary, but that we are invited to be citizens of a far greater Country.

Yes, with all of the moral implications of each election, I do believe that politics matter. Yes, who you vote for does impact the world. Yet, if we are giving our allegiance to a country that will fade away, how much more should we devote our hearts to the Kingdom that will never end?

Where is your allegiance and to whom do you pay tribute?

My heart will forever bow to the one who died in my place, bleeding to death on a cross bearing my name.

As for America? Vote Seinfeld/Costanza 2016!!!