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Life Is So…Complicated (And Is That A Good Thing, Or Is It Bad?)

I’m sitting in front of my Macbook Pro as I write this, constantly picking up my iPhone every 5 minutes, as if I was born with it attached to my hand. To my immediate right is my Apple Magic Mouse – a wireless mouse that somehow knows to connect to my laptop, not the one in the apartment next door . Apple is a part of me…In fact, Apple continues to become more and more a part of my daily life, whether from social media interaction, graphic design, writing, or photography. Let’s get real: Steve Jobs is practically responsible for anything I’ve accomplished (at least online).

Yes, I just finished watching the film “Steve Jobs” starring Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet. Though he was an incredibly brilliant man, there is a better word to describe his legacy:


Steve Jobs made possible what was once believed to be impossible. He also alienated his closest friends through his harsh, indifferent approach to relationships. He invested constant time and devotion to his technological visions, which have changed the world. And yet, he neglected the needs of his daughter, which also negatively changed her world…Complicated.

It’s 1:43AM, I’ve been feeling somewhat depressed, and I’m sitting here writing when I probably should be in bed. I just finished eating some breakfast crackers and I’m still digesting Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, which was incredible (in case you were wondering). Did I mention that I bought a Men’s Health magazine on the same trip to the store to get Ben & Jerry’s amazing “toffee coffee”? I want to lose weight, but let’s get real: it’s not an overnight process. Tomorrow is Friday and I’m going to probably rethink my entire life’s journey within the first hour that I’m awake.

Let’s face it: I’m complicated. LIFE is complicated.

We wake, we eat, we embark on a day with possibilities, we stop to eat again, we continue to work towards possibilities, we go home, we eat again, we talk about our days, and then we fall into dream land for 7-8 hours before starting over.

And yet, in-between all of the repetition, there are moments of happiness, pain, hope, depression, success, failure, love, loss, winning, losing, dreaming, doubting, laughing, and crying. We are not machines going through the motions of daily life, even when we externally appear to be running on autopilot. There’s much more going on beneath the skin than we care to admit.

What’s terribly tragic is that we don’t often take time to acknowledge the complexity and the beauty of the story taking place around us. We see the fingerprints of God within every human being, yet we choose to believe that humans are merely animals, yet with a higher IQ.

When we acknowledge and accept that life is complicated, we engage the reality that we are souls with eternity placed within our hearts by the eternal God.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11

Let me summarize what I take from this:

Life is so incredibly complicated that we can’t fathom what God is doing, yet He’s up to something good.

We look at our complicated lives and consider such complexity to be a flaw deterring us from progress. God looks at our complicated lives and sees beautiful mosaics of broken humanity, pieced together by His redemption.

What if all of this complexity is to remind us of our need for God? Is it possible that God can take the complicated parts of our lives and piece them together to make something beautiful?

We’ve all rebelled against God, which makes our relationship with Him complicated. And yet, He came to earth in human flesh to bring redemption and to awaken humanity.

We have all suffered greatly, which makes this life complicated. Yet God can redeem our suffering in order for us to strengthen one another.

Everyone has felt rejection and failure in this fallen world, which often makes our self-worth complicated. However, God’s love and grace remind us that we are accepted and we are not failures, but rather images of the Living God.

I’m complicated. You’re complicated. And guess what: that’s alright. In fact, it’s wonderful!

Today, as you go about your complicated life, stop for a moment and see the beauty in what is taking place around you. You are breathing and your heart is beating, which is an incredibly complex mystery…

Life is complicated, yet incredibly wonderful…


  1. Needed to read this today. Thank you for your words.

  2. Beautifully written Andrew…thank you for your vulnerability and transparency…so true what you share especially the part about the heart!

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