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It’s Time To Start Doing What You Love

“You write because there’s fire in your bones. You’ve got to do this whether anybody ever reads it or not.” – Eugene Peterson

About 5 years ago, a good friend of mine suggested I begin a blog about my journey of faith, doubt, fear, and healing. I wasn’t sure it was something I needed to do at the time, but I’m glad I took his advice.

There comes a time where you realize what you truly love and what sets your soul on fire. For me, that’s writing. Acting is and always will be a part of me, but writing brings my imagination to life more than any form of art I’ve experienced.

What’s fascinating is that I would have never known my passion for writing if it were not for my other failed dreams in my journey. Art often finds its way to the surface of our souls when we wrestle with the real, raw things of life. For me, I found my true love (artistically speaking) through failure and suffering.

It all begins with one word: start.

There are many dreams I have left by the wayside through procrastination, fear, and uncertainty. The only way my love for writing has flourished is by actually starting and committing to my craft. The more you actually do what you love, the more addicted you become to expressing your soul’s deepest heartbeat.

What do you love, yet you’re not taking the first step of taking a step towards that dream?

What passion grips your heart at night when you are left alone with your thoughts?

What is holding you back?

In case you are wondering, I am suggesting dreams that bring hope, life, love, and beauty into the world, not chaos. We need more light to invade the darkness.

Maybe you long to live with those in need, serving and giving your time towards something bigger than yourself. It’s possible your passion is to begin a business that will invest in your local community. Maybe you’re called to lead a community of faith towards a deeper pursuit of God. Maybe you have a heart for creating art that brings beauty into the world.

Whatever you love and whatever is on your heart, what if you began to move forward, one step at a time?

I mean, let’s get real, what do you have to lose? None of us make it out of this alive, anyway.

Isn’t it time to live a life that brings goodness, life, love, and grace into our world.

We need you.