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It’s Never Too Late – Moving Towards A New Future & Away From Our Regrets

“To succeed in baseball, as in life, you must make adjustments.” – Ken Griffey, Jr. 

“The Kid”…If you didn’t get to watch him play baseball as I did growing up, then you missed one of the most beautiful performances in all of sports. The man could not only play the game better than anyone else, but he made it look easy. When I was a kid playing baseball, I really wanted to be Griffey…He was my icon and my hero. I had his cleats, I emulated his swing, and I wore my hat backwards (he invented that whole trend, btw). I had everything but his world-class career (and the mega-bucks that come with it).

You see, no matter how hard I wanted to be Ken Griffey, Jr., I eventually had to adjust my swing when I reached Babe Ruth League. My game needed adjustments.

As time would pass, it was my life that needed adjustments more than my love for baseball.

When we’re young, we think that things will just magically fall into place. When I was 15, I just knew in my gut that I would be a pro athlete, a rock star, or a famous film actor. No doubt. 21 came around, I graduated college, and the first job I got was recruiting for my university…Not quite what I anticipated, but heck, I could adjust…a little. The past decade has been nothing but a series of adjustments…Not what I anticipated when I was 15.

Have you ever felt like life just won’t go the way you planned, no matter how hard you strive, plan, or execute?

Did you ever have an idea of who you wanted to become, only to wake up one day and realize that you didn’t become that person?

The word is “regret”. It’s hard to take ownership, but let’s admit it: regret is real. No matter how great our lives may be, there will always be those times in our lives that we “could have”…

So…what next?

I hate accepting that I have regrets, but I’m beginning to take ownership and to lean into the future with new hopes and dreams, realizing that I must adjust if I want to create a better future.

Maybe you are like me and you “failed” at a dream. If that is the case, then you probably know the same pain of regret that I feel each day…It haunts you. Yet, what if you could begin making adjustments, moving towards a new future and away from your regrets?

A few years ago, I said “goodbye” to acting, whether for a season or for eternity. I still have no idea if acting will find me again in my future. Since that time, I have found myself diving deep into my writing and into new dreams of who I long to become, far beyond the man I once thought I “would be”.

Guess what? Good news:

You can always dream again. You can always make adjustments. You can always move away from regret and towards a new, better future.