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In The Eyes of The Beholder: Why Do We Care So Much About The Opinions of Others?

What is it about someone’s opinion of me that can either complete wreck or fill me with incredible confidence? I wish I could say that I’m completely secure in my own skin, but that would be complete rubbish.

Do I fit the mold of respectability? Am I too weak? Do they see the insecurity behind my eyes? What if they knew who I really am?

We have luxury clothing stores to soothe the insecurities of those wishing to be perceived as affluent. Teenagers struggle and strive to fit in with the status quo, desperate to fit in, even when it means giving up their own voice. Business men and women strive to achieve affirmation of their worth, often by stepping on the backs of others for a moment in the spotlight. Last of all, but not least, there is a guy named Andrew Voigt who hides behind his laptop, often wondering if he’ll ever make a difference in this world.

Insecurity derived from the opinions of others is a virus plaguing the human spirit.

The opinions of others matter to us more than we would like to admit. It’s when we’re alone with our thoughts and our insecurities that we’re faced with the ugly truth: we have placed our self-worth in the wrong hands – the hands of mere mortals.

“In order for you to insult me, I would first have to value your opinion.” – Unknown

This quote sounds so hardcore, as if we’re Superman and bullets are bouncing off our eyes. In actuality, we are more like the Superman stabbed with kryptonite, falling apart at the mere presence of someone’s criticism or indifference.

So, how do we get a proper perspective of our self-worth without crumbling under the opinions of others?

#1 – We must stop seeing ourselves as human beings created in the image of human beings. You were not designed in the image of anyone else on this earth; you were created in the image of God. Once we get that into perspective, that changes everything.

#2 – We must remember that no one else is as perfect as they may appear. Some of the most insecure and broken people you will ever meet are hiding behind popularity, riches, beauty, and the appearance of happiness. Stop comparing your messy life to the filtered images paraded on social media. Those people are not as happy as they appear.

#3 – You were created to be you, not someone else. When you can actually embrace the truth that you are enough – that you can be comfortable in your own skin – then you can start living for more than mere approval.

There are many other ways to see through the opinions of others, but these are what I’ve learned in my own journey through the land of insecurity.

“If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die from their rejection.” – Lecrae

Marinate on that…