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In a Hurting World, Can Hope Be Found?

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” – Fred Rogers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve no doubt see the turmoil, despair, and fear swelling within our world. Racial tensions have heightened, political polarization has increased dramatically, protests are a regular on every city street, and terrorism is constantly a threat around the globe.

I hate the news. Growing up, my Dad and Mom would watch it every night, which meant that I was watching it, as well. Murders, corruption, the weather segment, traffic updates, and then my favorite: sports. It was this chaotic amalgamation of despair, mundane daily routines, and entertainment. Such a disparity in the topics covered within a half hour segment.

Do I read the news? Yes. CNN and Fox News for a bi-polar view of the world. I like to make things complicated. Do I love what I find on most news sites? Not particularly…It’s depressing and leaves me with this conclusion:

This is a mad, mad world.

Have you had the same experience when watching the human decay on television? Do you get the same sinking feeling in your gut that this just isn’t what we were meant to be as the human race? We had to be created for something more than self-destruction…We had to

Sometimes this thought runs through my mind: someone help!!! Anyone! Do something! Oddly enough, I’m beginning to think that the “someone” I’m calling for might just be myself.

For many years I suffered with anxiety and depression, hiding behind the disguise of spiritual curiosity, a concern for the safety of others, and a desire to be a law-abiding citizen. Talking about the difficult things wasn’t something I knew was even a possibility until I found help through professional counseling. It’s still a struggle for me on a daily basis, but healing has been incredibly real in my story.

Yet, if I just keep the hope I’ve found to myself, what a waste that would be for a hurting world around me! A couple years ago, a few friends suggested I begin writing about my journey. Who knows? Maybe someone will be encouraged by my story. That is why I write and listen to anyone who needs to talk to this day. It’s a passion of mine and it’s my way of helping a hurting world in the best way I can. I’ve found a place where my voice is needed, even if it’s just for a season.

What about you? The world is a disaster, but are you doing anything to bring hope, life, and healing to the world around you?

Do you see troubles and problems in the lives of others, yet stand still, having no clue what can be done? What if you learned that you have the ability to be one of those people who are helping? What would you do with such a responsibility and empowerment?

Guess what? You are the help that someone else needs. You can find healing. The despair of this world isn’t the end; it’s just another place for the human spirit to do what it can do best: step in and bring healing.

What will you do?