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How One Person’s Recovery From Abuse Inspired Me: An Introduction To “Journey To Heal” by Crystal Sutherland

“Journey To Heal” by Crystal Sutherland: available April 27 & currently pre-order.

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How One Person’s Recovery From Abuse Inspired Me: An Introduction To “Journey To Heal” by Crystal Sutherland
by Andrew Voigt

“I believe God’s plans for us are good, but I also believe we have an enemy that would like for us to think otherwise. I don’t believe that God planned or intended for us to be abused. Our stories didn’t take place so that he could accomplish some greater purpose although he can use or redeem our stories so that his purposes are achieved in our lives.” – Crystal Sutherland

For those of you who have been victims of childhood sexual abuse, these words can burn like pouring alcohol on a wound…And yet, we can feel something resonate deep within our souls, reminding us that this is true.

Crystal Sutherland has been a friend of mine for several years. When we first met, we were attending the same church in Charlotte. My wife Beth and I would run into Crystal at the local Starbucks as she was constantly writing this book called “Journey To Heal”. At the time, I didn’t know the depth of the subject matter or the history Crystal had of recovering from childhood sexual abuse. What I did know about Crystal was that she was incredibly encouraging, kind-hearted, and authentic.

I’ve never been the victim of childhood sexual abuse (thank God), but it is not uncommon for many people in our world. And yet, I feel like I can somewhat understand where Crystal is coming from…I’m broken with my own battles against depression and anxiety; in fact, I’m even on medication because of my struggles. I know what it’s like to feel desperately alone in my pain. I know how easy it is to want to hide for fear that others will think you’re a lesser being.

And yet, reading Crystal’s book has reminded me that we are all broken in this life, whether at the hands of evil human beings or the decay of living in a fallen world.

“When it becomes too much, just remember this is a journey, not a race. You can stop for a while, breathe, and come back to it. The key is to keep moving forward at your own pace and finish well.” – Crystal Sutherland

I wish someone would have told me this when I began suffering from an extreme anxiety disorder. Instead, I often heard “Just let it go” or “Stop worrying”. I wish I knew it was alright to heal properly through time and not expect too much from myself. When you’re suffering and someone gives a simple quick-fix answer to your problems, it ultimately leaves you feeling guilty, wondering “What’s wrong with me?”

“I pray that you find the courage to address unresolved feelings from the wounds of your past. Don’t let what happened then negatively affect who you are today.” – Crystal Sutherland

As you read through the pages of “Journey To Heal”, you will be challenged, reminded, and encouraged. The reminder that our future awaits and that our past does not define our future will rock your world…

I’m making not one dime to say these words and ya know what? I could care less about gaining anything monetarily from it, because Crystal’s friendship and life breathed from her words are more than enough as payment. I pray that you read this book and find life in your own journey, as well.