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Give Up On Giving Up

“Your life has been a mad gamble. Make it more so. You have lost now a hundred times running. Roll the dice a hundred and one.” – Rumi

I’ve quit on so many projects, relationships, dreams, and resolutions in my life. Sure, sometimes I’m glad that I did. Sometimes it’s a good thing to make a change and to stop heading in a certain direction. However, if I’m being 100% honest with you, I often give up because it’s easier than failing.

“There are always two risks. There’s the risk of trying something new, and there’s the risk of not trying it.” – Rob Bell

So…giving up is a risk?


When we give up on something that matters to us, we are guaranteeing failure, not avoiding it. Would you rather fall flat trying something, rather than choosing to fall flat deliberately? We’re like an antelope in the eyes of a cheetah. Yet, instead of running, we often just lay down and wait to be dinner. In other words, we give up way too easily.

Stop being dinner. 

What if we began giving up on giving up?

What if we chose to believe that failing at something while giving it our best is better than failing at it by deliberate choice?

What if we chose to live our lives with intentionality, not just letting life happen to us?

I’m giving up. I’m choosing to keep moving forwards, even if I trip and fall along the journey. I’m giving up on giving up.