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Everybody Wants To Change The World (But What of The World Within Ourselves?)

I’ve dreamed of changing the world. Visions have burned inside me, desperate to be a difference maker – a light in the darkness. And yet, I’ve often ignored the skeletons in my own head, hiding in the shadows of pretense, pride, and blindness. You see, I’m completely jacked up, constantly stumbling and fumbling through my own contradictions, so much so that I often forget that I must change before I can create change in the world.

Pride drives us to be world-changers when we ourselves are not changed individuals, yet we want to change others. Love drives us to be world-changers when we ourselves have been transformed, leading us to a heart of servanthood, not a heart seeking self-honor.

Whether it is Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono, or Taylor Swift, celebrities often showcase to the world the “good” that they’re doing, which is often very good. We don’t know their hearts, but we must remember that being celebrated for changing the world is not always true sacrifice, but rather self-adoration disguised as generosity. Celebrities are often perceived as “generous” in one aspect, then completely consumed with self in the other.

Do you honestly think a body builder competing for Mr. Universe would listen to a guy like Justin Bieber on proper training (sorry Beliebers…But let’s get real…)?

If we don’t change ourselves, we will eventually screw up the dreams we have of making a lasting difference in the world. The world we create outside ourselves is ultimately a reflection of the world we’ve already created within ourselves.

“Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy

(1) Do you want the world to be more generous? Are you generous?

(2) Have you dreamed of a generation coming alive in Jesus? Are you living in in His life and not your own?

(3) Would you like to see families become whole, loving and serving each other, rather than falling apart? How do you love your family and the people you hold dear?

We can only give the world what we ourselves have within us. How could someone give $1 million dollars to a charity if they only have $1,000 in their bank account? How can someone give food to the hungry when they themselves have nothing to eat? Is it not the same within the human spirit?

We must change first. 

It was only in my dreaming that I became a voice to others about pursuing their dreams. It was only in my breaking that I was able to understand the breaking within the hearts of the world around me. It was only in healing and the rediscovery of hope that I am able to present an authentic message of hope to those who are hurting. It was only in accepting the furious grace of Christ that I am able to speak of the life-changing power that exceeds our failures and our sin.

We must change before we can create the change we long to see in the world.

Who will you become? What does your heart burn to accomplish for the good of others? What will you do to make that change within yourself?

Change your world, then change the world.