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“Andrew Voigt is a long time friend, but that is not why I share this endorsement. Andrew has a sincere heart for others, especially those who are suffering from depression and related mental health issues. For as long as I have known him, his heart for sharing his love for and faith in Jesus Christ through his various talents has been evident. This has been especially prominent in his blogging and writing. Andrew writes about Jesus, brokenness, and dreams. His writing comes directly from his heart for others and his own personal trials and triumphs. He is authentic, vulnerable and transparent with this readers and it is apparent that his hope is to encourage and inspire them to find hope and healing in Christ. I am thankful to call him my friend, and honored to share this endorsement of his very needed ministry of his that he calls his writing!”
– Crystal Sutherland, Author of Journey To Heal

“I stumbled across one of Andrew’s postings on Twitter a few months ago and have read almost every one since. There’s a lot of fancy things I could say & big words I could use to tell you why you should read his work but it would be misleading for me to do so because that’s actually the opposite of what he’s about. His words are simple & heartfelt & transparent & REAL, without a hint of the posturing you’ll often find in the world of Christian blogging. Simply put, his writing helps me feel closer to Jesus. And I can’t think of a better reason to read it than that.”
– Mandy Hale, New York Times Bestselling Author of Beautiful Uncertainty, The Single Woman: Life, Love & a Dash of Sass I’ve Never Been to Vegas But My Luggage Has

“My good friend Andrew Voigt may have never set out to be a writer, but sometimes life, and ultimately God, has a way of directing our paths differently that we expect. All of us can relate to this, but very few of us, delve deeply into the pain and confusion life brings to gain the most out of it. Andrew has done this, and in the midst, has discovered not only a passion for writing, but God at work in him in extraordinary ways. He has chosen to share his discoveries with the world here and invites us to do the same. Read and live.”
– Hunter Wright, Lead Pastor of Ignition Church, Knoxville, TN


“I found Andrew’s writing at a particularly difficult time in my life; it was like drinking a refreshing cup of water in the midst of the wilderness. Andrew’s writing inspires me to remember the possibility of reaching my dreams, the reality of my brokenness, and the hope I have despite my ongoing struggles. What has impacted me most about Andrew’s writing is how I, as a reader, can relate to him; he constantly communicates with readers which connects us to his writing. While going through his own struggles, Andrew always encourages his readers when he sees them struggling.”
– Tiffany Carroll, Southern Illinois, Aspiring Speaker and Writer

“It helped me to understand better. You once told me, on a very ‘dark’ lonely night NOT to fight the feeling. Be with it. And I realized that God loves me despite my brokenness. THAT was huge. By sharing your writing to others, it opened a door to talk to others who suffer the same. You have so much to give through your own brokenness. And I realized then I have too.”
– Michelle Benadé, Pretoria, South Africa; works as an Administrator and loves reading, watching sports, making jewelry, & mosaic

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