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Darkness, Light, & The Shadows In-Between: A Poem

Darkness, Light, & The Shadows In-Between: A Poem

by Andrew Voigt


Alone, lost, fearful, dark

Lonely nights and a flickering spark

Eyes in the stars, stuck paralyzed

Cold chills pierce this hollow night


My heart is bleeding, yet I can’t see

For the light appears to abandon me

Every time my world caves in

Darkness meets light at shadow’s end


Where is God when the dark falls down

The moon eclipsed, the stars unfound?


Trembling hands and wounded side

I feel the love, but can’t see your eyes

What if God is just a dream

And Jesus just a man who bleeds?


The shadows fall, the light grows dim

Each day gives way to the darkest sins

My feet, they fail, even when I stand

Yet I’m grasping air reaching for Your hand


Where is God when the dark surrounds

The moon erased, my spirit drowned?


Yet, I’ve seen light and I’ve seen day

More lovely than any word can say

Without the light I would never know

How shadows grin and darkness grows


It’s in the day when hope is seen

And fear feels like a long-lost dream

The in-between, the shadows cast

Hope remains as time flies past


Maybe God came into the dark

The broken heart, the bleeding marks

These shadows fall, yet still remind

That light exists, night fades in time


I believe there’s a God

And that darkness ends

I believe there’s a light

And the light always wins