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Can A Committed Follower of Jesus Suffer With Mental Illness?


We live in a fallen world full of decay, disease, and death. You are broken; I am broken; everyone is broken. Everyone is fighting a personal battle.

We all hurt. We all become ill. We all bleed. We will all face death.

When sin entered the world, so did disease, illness, and death. We are ALL infected.

Jesus came to bring us life eternal, but He never promised a peachy life in a sin-sick world. We are broken, but He is greater than our brokenness. We are weak, but He is strong.

Dear Christian: stop pretending to have it all together, because you don’t and I don’t.

That’s it.

Pretty brief post, I know. You’re welcome. Don’t get used to it.

Peace & love.

– A follower of Jesus who battles anxiety and depression, but finds his identity in Jesus, not his brokenness.