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Altars For Humanity: The god Made In Our Own Image

“Quit scraping and fawning over mere humans, so full of themselves, so full of hot air! Can’t you see there’s nothing to them?” – Isaiah 2:22

Since the beginning of time, humanity has had a fascination with worshipping other human beings who we consider “successful”. From the worship of the Roman emperors to the altars of Katie Perry, humanity loves a good substitute for God.

It’s a common occurrence to see people walk away from faith when the leaders they admired crash and burn. Whether it’s televangelists, motivational speakers, or spiritual guru’s, hearts are often thrown off balance in the face of betrayal.

Pop culture has consumed the hearts and minds of broken creatures who are desperate for someone to follow. Celebrities have a scary amount of influence over the philosophy of 21st Century culture, even though many of them are unqualified to speak on matters of importance.

With all the focus on humanity and such little focus on God, I can’t help but ask: who are we really worshipping?

One of my heroes from the past decade recently lost my trust, as I watched him turn against all I believed he once held dear…It was depressing. My thoughts were filled with questions. How could he do this? Why would he do this? Did I even know who he was this entire time?

People let you down. I will let you down. Your parents will let you down. Your heroes will let you down. Your spouse will let you down. You will let yourself down.

Humanity was never meant to be worshipped; humanity was created to worship the eternal God.

Maybe you don’t believe in Jesus or spirituality, but have you ever wondered what it is inside you that craves an object of affection? Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that your soul longs for something outside of yourself – something greater that demands your allegiance?

Humanity will fail you, but Jesus is the same from the beginning to the end. If you’re seeking consistency, you won’t find it in anyone other than Him.

Who will you choose to worship?


  1. Laura Laura

    Really insightful post. No human can save us…but the human Jesus

  2. Wow. Love this post! What a powerful way to suggest Christ to someone who may not otherwise consider Him. Well done!

    Also, I’m just dying to know who your hero is–er, was. I’m so nosy!

    • Haha! I don’t want to destroy his reputation with anyone else. He just disappointed me with his approach.

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