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Afraid to Start Something New? Here are Some Thoughts on Facing Your Fears.

Let’s start this one off with a question: what dream, goal, or accomplishment are you NOT choosing to do right now because of fear? It could be fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or another variation of fear, but what is the source in your life that is keeping you from taking the first step?

Disclaimer: Fear and I know each other all too well. In fact, I’m a diagnosed fear addict where it has been my drug of choice, so know that I’m speaking from personal experience and not just shoving it at you to sound above it all.

With that, let’s continue. I recently ran across an article on Twitter from Time ( that is called “Why Aren’t You Doing What Really Makes You Happy?” by Eric Barker. You can read the full article here: In the article, Eric concludes that we as human beings often are drawn to a life of comfortability rather than doing what we truly love because ultimately that requires hard work.

Are you making choices to be more comfortable rather than to do what truly gives you satisfaction in your work? I’m not necessarily talking about making it rich, either. I’m talking about dreams and goals that matter to your unique story, whether that is programming, art, starting your own business, planting a church, or another ambition.

I have often found myself taking the easy road versus the road that would challenge me, but eventually bring more life. Don’t let the fact that I’m pursuing my dreams of acting/writing deceive you: I’m very much a friend of comfort. Comfort is deceiving. It tells us that we will live forever and we can just get to our dreams another day, but that’s not true. We are eternal beings in a temporal state. We have a limited amount of time to create, to imagine, and to impact others. Don’t let this valuable commodity go to waste for the sake of “getting by”.


  1. What dream(s) are you postponing because of fear?
  2. What can you choose to do today that can begin the journey towards your vision?
  3. What comforts in your life are keeping you from truly living your life? Are you willing to remove these comforts if they are keeping you captive to a life of average?

– AV


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    I like it:)

    • Thank you Mark, I appreciate you taking time to read it!

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