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About Andrew Voigt

Andrew Voigt is a writer and blogger who has also served as a contributing writer for publications such as Fathom Magazine, Patheos, and Kingdom Spark. After a few years living in Los Angeles as an aspiring actor, he returned to his hometown of Charlotte where he studied acting, developed a love for writing, married his best friend, and adopted an orange cat named Pumpkin.


Hi, my name is Andrew Voigt and thanks for joining me in this conversation about God, dreams, and brokenness. I like to consider myself an artist, full of ideas conveyed through various creative expressions. But the more accurate picture is that I’m a broken human being constantly in need of grace, always thirsty for hope, and longing for something beyond my own frail story.

I’m also a follower of Jesus constantly learning new things about what it means to be loved unconditionally by a God I’ve always felt was so far away (yet, so close), ridiculously in love with my best friend, addicted to way too much coffee, a sports nut, and a complete sci-fi nerd.


Andrew Voigt is a writer and blogger discussing thoughts on God, dreams, and brokenness. He has served as a contributing writer for publications such as Patheos, Fathom Magazine, and Kingdom Spark. Andrew holds a B.S. in Communication Studies from Liberty University and lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and orange cat named Pumpkin.


Most of these posts discuss what I’m learning in my own journey. My ultimate mission is to share hope and to tell you that your life matters, regardless of how your dreams may not have gone as planned. The mission is to tell you that it’s alright to to

wrestle with depression, to doubt, to be broken, to struggle with your dreams, and to give you permission to rest in the grace of a God you may feel is far away.


If a post impacts you, it would be great to hear your thoughts in the “Comments” section at the end of each post. You’re more than invited to contribute to this conversation and your story matters, so please feel free to add your thoughts to the discussion.


Please do not make comments with profanity or other inappropriate remarks that could offend others. As these comments will add no value to the conversation, they will be removed. Also, if you are interested in using any of the material on this blog for another page/website, please make requests using the “Contact” page.


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