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A Question of Lust

“Everyone in this town
Is seeing somebody else
Everybody’s tired of someone
Our eyes wander for help”

– Anberlin, “The Feel Good Drag”

Can lust truly satisfy the human spirit?

When I was a teenager, girls ran around my brain 99% of each waking hour. Did they know it? Heck no! I was too chicken to let a girl know what I thought about them! So, I decided to go with subliminal methods of communication: being an awesome athlete, standing up straight when other guys were slumping, smiling just right when a cute girl walked by, and wearing the right dosage of Curve when it was cool (it was the 90’s). The ladies loved me…I told myself as I put on my Walkman and jammed out to Christian rock like a boss.

Behind the innocence of crushes and attraction, there was a twisted evil lurking behind thoughts and emotions: lust.

Lust is that thought that longs for the forbidden, for the dangerous, and for the thrill.

Sex sells. Pornography is consuming the minds of millions, sex trafficking is a horrendous evil in our world, and incidents of rape seems to be constantly increasing on college campuses. Lust has been eating our world apart, just as a parasite does to its host.

“There is no such thing as all the way with lust. Ultimately lust doesn’t just want sex. It wants forbidden and it’s willing to take you deeper and deeper into perversion if you indulge it’s latest request.” – Joshua Harris

If you’re married, you’re not immune to the sickness. Attractive people don’t leave the scene once you say your vows. Flirtatious people will come along, even when they know that you’re off the market. I mean, I wouldn’t know anything about that personally, but it’s what I hear from other guys…(cough)

Everybody’s tired of someone…

If you’ve never gotten “tired” of someone, you must not have known them for long. Trust me, once you’re around someone for extended periods of time, the mystery fades and love is required to become something much deeper than physical attraction. Am I still incredibly good looking to my wife? That isn’t under debate. Duh! But, can she still get tired of me from time to time? Is it possible that another guy might catch her eye on occasion? Absolutely.

Lust takes that “attraction” further than just acknowledging that someone is attractive. Lust wants to own what isn’t ours. Lust tells us that we deserve adventure, risk, and a life of danger.

Lust is a misplaced desire within our hearts to have complete satisfaction in God and healthy relationships with others. We have an emptiness and lust promises to fulfill that void, yet it fails every time.

I don’t know your journey, but I do know the question of lust that runs within the human heart, begging to be unleashed like a wild animal. Instead of giving in, what if you began seeking wholeness in Christ? What if we began seeking relationships that are built on more than just mere attraction?

Listen closely: I believe that physical attraction is a healthy part of a romantic relationship when not driven by lust, but when it stops there, lust is often the bi-product.

Who do you want to be and what do you want for your future (or present) relationship with your spouse?

Love is larger than lust.

Beauty is deeper than the skin.

It’s time to answer the question of lust: no, it won’t satisfy you. Only true love from the God of Love will satisfy your soul. Then and only then can you love someone else with pure, uncontaminated love.