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A Failure, A Dreamer, & The Search For A Name

A Failure, A Dreamer, & The Search For A Name
A Poem by Andrew Voigt

Caught in this stillness, I think far too much
Or maybe it’s simply called dreaming
This itch in my thoughts just won’t leave me alone
A resounding bell constantly ringing

Why do I feel so alone in a crowd?
And who do I have to impress?
What makes my broken heart long to fit in?
And my dreams be replaced with regrets?

These thoughts won’t retreat…
And the questions remain…
A lonely heart trapped
In this cold masquerade…

Pretending is easy when it’s all that you know
Faking the smiles as you put on a show
“Priorities first! Don’t forget to find fame!”
Says the fear deep within that I’m just a no-name

Who could I be if I’d just catch a break?
And why does time fly, as dreams slowly decay?
Why must I always feel like an unknown?
The invisible man in a crowded photo?

These thoughts won’t retreat…
The questions the same…
My terrified heart
Craving simply a name…

I thought I’d be different, successful, and true
But now I just question the things that I knew
This life often makes me fall down to my knees
Wondering what must have happened to all of these dreams

Am I destined a failure who just knows how to lose?
Could there be more to this and I’m simply confused?
My soul says this life is more beautifully seen
A glimpse of my Father in tears as they stream

Yet, these thoughts won’t retreat…
And these doubts still remain…
Who could I be
If You gave me a name?

This world isn’t fair, that I know to be true
But this grace says I’m more than the failure I knew
These days often hurt and that’s simply alright
For this world is still broken and desperate for life

Oh God, how I need you to give me a name
Identity found in your love, not in fame
I’m weak and I’m fine with admitting the truth
That I’m desperate for dreams that are born within You

These thoughts may repeat…
Yet, I’ve found a new name…
Your mark’s on my chest
Daddy’s boy I’ll remain