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Why Do We Settle For Mediocrity?

“If what you have done yesterday still looks big to you, you haven’t done much today.” – Mike Krzyzewski

When I was a teenager, I played guitar and sang vocals for a garage band. We were awesome and we were going to take the music scene by storm! We even played a few gigs for local youth groups. We were hot stuff. The lead guitarist was one of my best friends, but it was during those years that I learned not to settle for “alright”. Whenever we would encourage him to develop his skills, he would just keep doing the same thing over and over and over again…There was no evolution, no desire to become any better than he was in that moment. In a strange way, that has always haunted me, pushing me to be a better version of myself each day.

We all buy the lie that talent will just spring up like flowers in Spring. How, we have no idea, yet we expect it to magically appear like facial hair when you turn 13. If only talent worked that way, but alas, that is not the nature of it.

The greatest sports movie of all-time is “Rudy”. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise; that’s a lost cause. I’ve actually found myself crying during a few different viewings of that film…It wrecked me like a teenage girl watching “Titanic” in the 90’s…If you’ve had the privilege of watching this masterpiece (no, not “Titanic”), then you will recall the challenges, the difficulties, the absurd amount of work, and the absolute persistence that was required for Rudy to make the Notre Dame football team. It leaves you sitting in your chair as you drink soda and eat popcorn thinking, “I could do that if I got off this couch. Nah…”

Culture teaches us just to get by with the pursuit of pleasure; the Creator of the human spirit calls us to live lives that echo into eternity.

What dreams has God placed on your heart that you feel compelled to pursue? We all have many dreams, but we eventually have to ask ourselves: where do I truly want to invest my time?

Are you holding back, afraid to fail?

Is it possible you know what you need to do, yet you’re procrastinating?

Have you settled for mediocrity?

I dare you. I dare you to start expanding your talents, your dreams, and your adventurous spirit. Take a class, practice alone, ask for a mentor, study your craft…DO SOMETHING!

We are called to live our lives for what matters most: to glorify God and to love the creatures who bear His image. What are your dreams going to accomplish?