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What We’re Living For & The Commodity of Time

What are you living for?

Often in life when we step back to take stock of our lives we are filled with regrets on how we spent our younger years, what relationships we didn’t invest in, what relationships we did invest in (and shouldn’t have), what jobs we held too long, what jobs we quit too soon, the unhealthy choices we made, how we didn’t invest enough time seeking after truth, and how utterly selfish we all were (and often still are).

But there’s the present. There’s this moment to begin making choices to create, to become, to dream, and to live.

What are you living for now, in this moment, that is of such importance that you are spending the limited commodity of time you’ve been given in this life? Are you spending it on financial success, celebrity, status, career identity, or a retirement fund to be spent in the last third of your life? And of what value is investing your time in your relationships, your dreams, your spiritual journey, and a life of generosity?

In my own life, I’ve been a constant contradiction of sorts when it comes to how I utilize my time. On one hand I’m a dreamer, full of the possibilities of a life spent thriving as an artist, as a loving husband, as an authentic friend, as a generous giver, and as a devoted follower of Jesus. But on the other hand, I’m torn by the realities of life, working jobs I don’t love to pay the bills, struggling through my battle with anxiety, wrestling with my own insecurities as an artist, and constantly wavering in my own spiritual journey with God.

But in all the contradictions and throughout all the failures there is a growing realization that every moment we are given is an opportunity to seek after God, to pursue a better future, to live a more generous life, to love more gracefully, to create more expressions of beauty, and to invest in the lives of others with no strings attached.

What we must accept is that living each moment with intentionality may never give us our current idea of success, celebrity, or financial abundance. But what it will provide is a life of wonder, a journey with God that can’t be taken from us, relationships rich with love, and a world that is better because we existed.

Every moment is a blank canvas to create, to hope, to imagine, to love, and to live.

How will you spend each moment this day forward?

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What would you do differently as you look back on some of your biggest regrets?
  2. What sort of person do you ultimately want to become?
  3. How are you currently investing your present moments?
  4. What choices can you make moving forward?

– AV