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What Does It Look Like To Share Your Voice In A World of Evil & Injustice?

“Doing something against the flow of culture, society, or the crowd will probably feel uncomfortable and scary. Do it anyway.” – Tim Tebow, “Shaken”

When was the last time you stood up for something that you believed was right? Have you ever wanted to speak up, but you hid in the corner for fear that you’d be rejected?

I feel this way every time I write a post or tweet about something that matters deeply to me. Maybe it’s because I’m way too sensitive, but I hate it when people attack me when my beliefs are different than their own. It’s easy to stand for what’s popular and relevant, but dang, don’t dare share something that shakes up the human conscience! That’s where things get messy.

We all have opinions, but let’s face it: I’m not always right and neither are you. There are some things that are simply true, right, and just, regardless of our opinions. When we see injustice, yet we don’t speak or take action, we are giving up our seat in the conversation taking place around us. Not every thought or opinion needs to be shared, but how many times have we we held back for fear that we would find ourselves in an unpopular minority?

I hate getting political, but there are some moments I feel I must voice my rage at injustice and evil. A few weeks ago, I decided to make a simple tweet defining my thoughts on a current political fiasco. What happened next was not what I could have anticipated…Anger, rage, and on-the-verge hate filled my comments and direct messages. How dare me say something that bugs the cushy American conscience! Yikes! That was a moment that I realized that my voice mattered, even if it meant that I struck a very sensitive chord, leaving myself in a minority.

Not everyone will agree with what you know to be true, but it doesn’t mean that we’re all in the right. I’m not always right. You’re not always right. Truth is truth, regardless of our opinions. Yet, when we simply know something to be true, we must stand for it in the face of rejection and ridicule. Otherwise, what are we doing with the voice we have been given?