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Time, Loss, and The Eternal

I’ve always wondered if time existed before the fall of humanity. When we were perfect and without fault, was the concept of time even realized? Death had not yet found its way to our door, so was time just a product of death’s arrival? God has never been held by time, so did it even have a place prior to us screwing up? It’s a question I may never know, but it’s fascinating to think about…

What I do know is that in a fallen world, time is very, very precious and fragile. We are not promised tomorrow and we will eventually experience loss in our lives, whether the loss of those dear to us or the end of a season in life. The world changes with each passing moment, which is made evident in our changing fashion statements, city landscapes, cultural shifts, political leaders, wealth (and poverty) handed down through generations, and our bodies slowly running down.

But I am also confident of this: we are eternal, spiritual beings who will live beyond this dying star and beyond these broken physical frames.

I’m 32, but if you ask my heart, I sometimes feel 17, while at other times I feel 71. I still love to dream like a child, but when my heart is heavy it often feels like I have lived a hundred lives…Time has a strange way of reminding us that we’re broken, that we are in a fallen world, and that we need God. Time reminds us that we have an eternal soul thirsty for the Eternal. Despite the mirage of makeup, hipster clothing, luxury accessories, beautiful homes, and expensive cars, we all are journeying through this life towards eternity.

The question isn’t if death will find us in this fragile, broken world, because that is inevitable. However, there are a few questions I believe we should be asking:

Who is Jesus? Is he just a spiritual guide from a few millennia ago who died, or is he truly alive and the Son of God?

If Jesus is indeed the Son of God, what does his invitation to life mean for us?

How do we spend our time? What are we striving for in this life?

How am I choosing to live, even in the mundane tasks? Are my choices creating a better future?

Just as physical symptoms such as pain and fever are evidence of illness, so time remind us that we are eternal beings in a dying world. If we pay close attention, time is prompting us towards eternal healing and towards the grace of God.

If you are reading this, you are alive, you have hope for the future, and you are not alone, despite how desperate you may feel. Life is a beautiful thing, even in the lows. God has not abandoned us, but He is for us. Jesus is grace. Death was never meant to be our story. Life, hope, and the love of Jesus is the story we’re invited to join.

Time may cause everything in this life to fade, but in Jesus we are invited to life that lasts forever, beyond these fragile frames.

We were made by the God who is outside of time and nothing is impossible for Him. Seek Him. Know Him. Trust Him…While there is still time. He is closer than we could ever imagine.