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Those Years Weren’t Lost

“Those years weren’t lost. They simply weren’t the way I’d planned them.” – Kurt Vonnegut

If only I could get that truth to translate from my head to my heart…

“Those years weren’t lost”…Wow. Such a powerful thought that could change the trajectory of our lives!

For those of us who live with regrets of the past, we often find ourselves wanting to “make up” for the “lost” time. We strive so hard in the present to redeem the past that we sacrifice today in the process.

What if your life up until this point hasn’t gone to waste? What if God can redeem even the worst of your days? What if it’s possible that your broken journey can redirect towards a better future?

Whenever I watch the Iron Man movies and see Robert Downey, Jr., I’m often reminded that he was not always so lighthearted and comfortable in his own skin. For many years, Downey struggled with severe drug addiction, which derailed his acting career. I even recall some speculation regarding “what could have been” had he never become an addict. Yet, “what could have been” didn’t keep him from focusing on “what could be in the future”. The broken days were a part of his story.

Iron Man didn’t become a reality because of sheer luck. Robert Downey, Jr. believed that better days were ahead and he accepted that his past didn’t determine his future. He accepted his past for what it was, yet he also accepted his responsibility for creating a better tomorrow.

(Side note: if you haven’t seen “Captain America: Civil War”, it’s time you began making better decisions with your life and watched it. Don’t regret missing such a masterpiece!)

Just in case you thought this post doesn’t apply to you, news flash: we are no exception. Your past isn’t wasted. My past isn’t wasted. Sure, it may not have gone as we had dreamed, but we can still learn from the person we once were, as we journey into the person we will become.

You are not your failures or your potential.

Keep dreaming, creating, and believing in better days ahead.

Those years weren’t lost.