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The Lingering Journey Towards Hopes & Dreams

One day at a time.

One breath in, one breath out.

One moment to dream, one moment to respond.

One moment to strive, one moment to rest.

Pursuing a dream is not a race. Living in hope is a moment-by-moment process. Healing is not an overnight process.

When I was younger I saw things differently; I thought I had to achieve success to have a voice in this world. But as I grow older, I realize that I confused greatness with impact, status over meaning. Life has a way of reminding you that the outcome is not always under your control and that it’s alright to be weary from the journey.

In the world of brokenness I have also believed the lie that healing would arrive instantly. Unfortunately, many battles in life take a long time to win, with each trench requiring our full attention. Our fears, pain, and depression won’t dissipate in a moment, raising the white flag of surrender in the face of our determination. We must fight the war steadily, knowing we have hope for the eventual victory.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

Dreaming is a wonderful, magical expression of the human spirit that should always remain as we grow old. As we work towards our dreams, faltering along the way, we must accept that there is nothing to prove, no dictator requiring instant success. Some roads are long, some roads are short. Continue.

The most important part of a dream is the “why” behind the curtain of pursuit. The most important aspect of healing is knowing there is always hope to recover.

Why pursue this dream?

Do you believe healing can be experienced?

A few years ago I was reading the story of Michael Fassbender, one of my favorite actors. His journey was not one of immediate discovery in Hollywood, instant success, or certainty of the destination. In fact, when he first moved to Los Angeles he did not achieve his dreams, leading him to the U.K., where he eventually landed roles on the BBC network. These roles ultimately played a pivotal part in his ascension to Hollywood stardom. His story is not a promise that the same result will be found by all, but it does remind us that dreams can take time. Dreams are not always overnight.

We’ve become so acquainted with the instant that we have forgotten the value of the pursuit.

Instant coffee. Instant gratification. Instant online banking. Instagram…See what I did there?

My journey through brokenness has lasted many years, with numerous mountains and valleys to cross. And yet, I know now more than ever that healing is real, hope is always available, and new dreams are possible. Life has been incredibly difficult, but no one said it would be easy. We all, at one time or another, believed the fallacy that life is fair. And yet, life is incredibly valuable, even in the chaos.

Some dreams must end in order for a new dream to take form. Our greatest fears must be faced with a determination, knowing we will win in the end.

What are you facing in life at this moment? Are you racing in the imaginary game of life, or are you living each moment with amazement along the journey? Do you believe healing is available, even to you?

Life is a journey, not a game. It’s alright if it takes time, as long as you don’t give up hope for healing, new dreams, and the eventual battle for your heart.

Don’t give up. Never lose hope.


  1. This is beautiful, Andrew. Saw your link on twitter and clicked over here. Glad I did 🙂

    • Priscilla, thank you for saying that; I hope it was encouraging to you!

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