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The Hauntings of Yesterday & The Fear of The Uncertain Future

“It’s never as good as you want it to be; It’s never as bad as it seems.” – William Chapman

There’s something about life that just never fully satisfies. I’ve dreamed of certain accomplishments, only to discover that they didn’t quite deliver the fulfillment I anticipated. In a fallen world, I’ve come to learn that only the intimate relationship with the Father can truly meet my soul cravings unlike any other person or thing.

The same applies to how we view our broken past and our uncertain future. Tomorrow is not as empty as we project. Yesterday isn’t as as bad (or good) as it seems in memories that haunt us. We still have hope for a better future.

A few years ago, at the height of my anxiety disorder, I believed that the future looked grim and full of just existing. The truth is, that was complete crap. Hope meets us in the most unlikely of places, reminding us that yesterday does not determine tomorrow. Today isn’t dependent upon an uncertain future. The future is still full of possibilities and potential, for the everlasting God is already there, working and moving in our broken lives.

I know, this sounds like tomato soup positive talk, full of liquid, but with no meat or vegetables. Yet, think about it:

Was yesterday really as bad (or good) as you remember in the dreams that haunt you?

Is today really a hopeless cause? Can’t you make better choices to create a better tomorrow?

Is tomorrow already decided because of your past? What of the choices you can make today?

We make choices, we create, and we continue breathing into a future that has yet to be lived.

Something fascinating about God is that he is not contained within space and time. He created all things, including our concepts of space and time! He is there in your broken past, able to redeem even the darkest of days. He is here with you now, ready to lead you in each moment. He is in your future, preparing a way for you to know him, to love others, and to make a difference in your world.

You are not your past, you are not your present, and you are not your future. You are a human being who is loved by the eternal, all-encompassing God. Nothing surprises Him. He calls you to Him, asking you to trust Him in each and every moment for the rest of your life.

Jesus died in your place to redeem you and to give you a better hope and a better future. Don’t let your past or your future decide who you become in the Father’s eternity.