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The Bloody Friday When I Killed My Creator

“But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed.” – Isaiah 53:5

Today is Good Friday – a day where we are reminded of the massacre of Jesus for the redemption of humanity.

Yet, is Good Friday actually all that good?

As a believer that Jesus died for our redemption, the result of Jesus’ sacrifice was “good”. However, it was humanity’s wickedness, not goodness, that drove the Creator to place His Son into the hands of a fallen, murderous creation.

Good Friday is a heart-wrenching reminder, not merely a celebration:

You and I are responsible for the massacre of Jesus because of our rebellious hearts and foolish pride. Our redemption required the bloody death of the Son of God in our place. 

Humanity often likes to see Jesus on the cross, from a distance, not up-close and personal. We like to watch films about Roman soldiers nailing Him to the cross, as if they are the ones who killed Jesus, not us. Yet, when we look in the mirror, we are actually standing face-to-face with the person who murdered the Son of God.

Good Friday is “good” in that Jesus died for our redemption. Yeah, I get that. And yet, I almost consider it “Bloody Friday”…The day God the Son died willfully and lovingly at the hands of His very own creation.

It was on Good Friday that Jesus was separated from his Father, as the sins of humanity were placed upon His shoulders.

It was on Good Friday that Jesus’ disciples mourned the loss of this Man who changed their lives forever.

It was on Good Friday that darkness appeared to have won…Life seemed to be conquered by death.

It was on Good Friday that we covered our own hands with the blood of our Creator.

“But he was pierced for our transgressions…”

Please note that it doesn’t say, “But he was pierced for their transgressions”. The prophetic verses in Isaiah are clear: we each killed Jesus because of our poisonous love affair with darkness.

Easter Sunday = celebration for redemption through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Good Friday = a day to remember that we killed the Son of God by our rebellion.

Do you often feel unloved, wondering if your life matters? Look no further than the crucified Christ – God’s very own Son, killed by our hands to bring us redemption and life.

Have you often felt powerless in gaining God’s approval and love? Good! You are powerless! The sacrifice of Jesus is more than enough. The life found in Jesus’ blood is more than enough. The grace found in the arms of Jesus is more than enough.

Maybe you don’t believe in Jesus…Have you ever asked yourself why?

Maybe you’ve watched Jesus from far-off, pretending that you have no involvement in His death…Perhaps it’s time to stop kidding yourself.

And maybe you’re like me…Maybe you follow Jesus, but you often lose sight of how much your Father loves you. Maybe, like myself, you forget the grace of God, resorting towards self-righteousness.

Maybe we’ve forgotten the raging, tender, ardent love of God.

Today, as we think about the price Jesus paid for us, may we remember: we have NEVER been unloved.