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The Art of Mending

Why does the human spirit long to create?

Why do we imagine what has yet to exist?

Is it possible we all long for something much greater than we can comprehend?

Despite the long winters within my soul, I have consistently found my heart filled with hope when I create, whether that is through writing, acting, music, or photography. Even when I was a barista, the simple act of creating a latte was refreshing (and delicious). I can’t explain it, but I guess it’s the pain, the hope, and the longing for God inside me that demands to be heard.

Art and creativity can be one of the strongest agents of healing for the broken spirit. Some of the greatest artists, poets, actors, musicians, and writers have been incredibly fractured, but their work stands throughout time. Could it be that their creative masterpieces showed a glimpse into their soul, ultimately resonating with their audience in a meaningful way?

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

I believe we were created in the image of the Great Artist, which leads me to believe that humanity has creativity running through our veins. We are designed to love, called to discuss the matters of pain, empowered to create new expressions of hope, and filled with a desperate longing to be embraced in the arms of God. Creativity is the cry of the human spirit, screaming out for God, for grace, and for redemption.

I write because I know pain. I write because I long for the kingdom that is eternal. I write because my heart cannot contain the words within my soul, echoing my desire for hope, grace, love, and the Abba’s gentle embrace. (I also write so I can make cool Instagram photos to complement each post, but that’s off topic).

Creativity can heal and art expresses the soul’s desperation for a better future. Humanity longs to remember the beauty of life, what is true, and what is eternal. When creativity takes a dark path, it also reminds us that the human spirit is fragmented, broken, and desperately wicked…It is an interesting paradox of longing and rebellion.

When you create, when you dream, when you imagine, haven’t you felt your spirit screaming in desperation for something beyond you, something that you just can’t describe?

My favorite painting is “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. I don’t know why…Maybe it’s because I know fear and panic all too well, or maybe it’s simply because this picture is brutally honest. What is amazing is how this painting grips my heart each time it meets my eyes…It’s as if my soul understands the heart behind the canvas.

Creativity and imagination are the expression of a heart longing for home.

What are you creating and why? What do you long for? Despite how dark you may feel, don’t you long for hope and meaning?

Creativity can be simply friends sharing their hearts over coffee, meeting someone in their need, or expressing love to the world around you. We are all meant to be creative, we are all longing for healing, and we are all screaming for hope.

Let’s imagine a better future together, living always with hope, and constantly creating beauty in a world desperate for life.