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Some Days Hurt & I Don’t Know Why

Some Days Hurt & I Don’t Know Why
A Poem by Andrew Voigt

I don’t know why some days hurt
Is it me or something strange?
Rain clouds fill my empty skies
Yet can’t remove life’s stains

Today I woke up full of hope
Ready to take on the world
But now I sit and contemplate
My heart and mind feel torn

I want to live, I want to dream
my hope alive, my faith unseen
But even in these moments light
Some days hurt and I don’t know why

Time is short and life but a breath
But still my heart craves truth
Why dream so deep, why strive so hard
If our days are just so few?

In my hopes I heard your Name so loud
In my doubts I hear it too
God, you’re unescapable
No lies You can’t break through

What am I but a lesser known
A broken soul within weary bones
Do You really care for me?
Or am I just a toy bouncing on a string?

Remind me who I am in You
Not who I was without
Scream inside my soul Your truth
And pierce through all my doubts

These hurting days don’t last always
These moments fade, and hope remains
I need your heart, I yell your name
For in Your blood I’ll drown my shame

In these days on earth so few
Remind me who I am in You
Use my words and burn me bright
A voice of hope in the lonely nights

Eternity flows within our souls
Hope forever in a life untold
Our failures holds no power here
Your scars remove the shame we wear

I guess today can hurt
And maybe it’s fine to rest
If this is what I have to bear
Use this broken mess

So if you hurt just as I do
And need some words to get you through
Then listen up to something true
You’re Daddy’s furiously in love with you