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Pulse – How Can We Be Fully Alive, Not Just Merely Existing?

“What the world needs the most from you is for you to be fully alive.” – Erwin Raphael McManus, “The Last Arrow”

Fully alive…What does that even mean? Our hearts are beating and breath is in our lungs, but are we truly alive? Of course, we could address the matter of the soul, spiritual life in Jesus, and eternity. In the context of this conversation, that’s not what I’m talking about (at least, not completely).

In how you spend your 24 hours each day, what does it mean to truly live, not just to exist?

This is the first time today where I have felt truly “alive”. Writing and creating brings me life. Talking about God brings me life. Sharing something beautiful that I’ve learned brings me life. I have found that what brings me life is often the same thing that brings life to those around me.

One of my favorite films is “Rudy” – the story of an undersized, un-athletic kid in Indiana working his way onto the University of Notre Dame football team. The entire film, you watch everyone around him exist, while he refuses to just exist. He has a mission, a purpose, yet he was met by obstacle after obstacle on his journey. Even in the struggle, he was fully alive. Why? He had more in mind than just getting by.

When you live with intention, you’re not just passing each moment with apathy.

What’s incredible about Rudy’s story is that, not only was he fully alive, but his teammates caught the disease as well! They couldn’t help but be encouraged and driven to become better versions of themselves.

Life is contagious.

If all we’re living for is the next high, constant entertainment, and our incessant materialistic desires, we are not living a life that is fully alive. That’s mere existence. I’ve often found that those pursuits often take the forefront when I’m not living for anything bigger than myself.

It’s a question I ask myself often: is the life I’m living one that is being lived fully alive, or am I just existing?

In my journey, being fully alive looks like encouraging broken hearts, spending quality time with those I love, creating something that makes a positive difference, and seeking after what is eternal.

I want to be fully alive, not just a sleepwalker getting through the day.

We have this moment to create the person we become next. Who will you become?