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Why I’m OK With Failing At My Dreams of Yesterday and How I’m Learning to Dream Again

Have you failed at a dream that leaves you feeling inadequate and broken? What if you could accept that failure and forgive yourself? Wouldn’t you like to dream again? Dream something new? Wouldn’t you be relieved to know that you aren’t summed-up by your failures, by your inadequacies, and by your wasted yesterdays?

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Making The Most of Life (Even In The Midst of Unmet Expectations)

We have all experienced failure, heartache, and loss that often leaves us with nothing but a desire to quit, to escape, and to find an easier path. In those moments we have the choice: do we continue to move forward in hope, or do we choose to give up?

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Mirrors & Echoes: Reclaiming Your Uniqueness In An Insecure World

Art, in its various forms, has the power to inspire hope, to challenge popular thinking, and to thrill the human mind through unique and creative expression. Yet, when art is “generic” or copied, we often describe it as lacking in substance, authenticity, and beauty.

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