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What would we do if everyone understood us? Would there really be any mystery in life? That’s a question I am pondering as I write this…Why would we want to always be understood?

My dreams have always confused many people close to me, causing them to wonder why I would put myself through such difficult times to realize my dreams as an artist. Their confusion brought anger, bitterness, and frustration, causing me to constantly desire understanding from them. If only I knew then what I know now: dreams won’t always be understood by others, and that’s alright.

Just as our dreams can be misunderstood, our personal battles will often find the same response. Very few people have understood what I’m going through in my moments of anxiety and depression, but again, that’s alright. The older I get, the more I grasp the reality that we are all going through an individual battle. God understands what I’m going through and that’s enough. Loving others in their brokenness is what brings intimacy, not being completely understood.

“And we all freaked out, what a shame

When only tears know how to remind us we all break the same

We all break the same”

– MUTEMATH, “Break The Same”

We all break the same. Despite the different battles we all face, we all share the common war against human brokenness, and in that we are understood.

Do you feel alone in your dreams? Do you feel misunderstood in your brokenness? And what of your personality?

You are alright being misunderstood by other human beings; your Creator understands you even more than you understand yourself and that is enough. The beauty of intimacy with God is that He fully understands us, while we spend our eternity seeking to understand Him. The beauty of human intimacy is the mystery behind the eyes of another person, sharing our hearts as we journey through life together.

Many of my friends probably don’t understand why I follow Jesus and I’m alright with being misunderstood in that matter, as well. Jesus never asked to be understood, so why should I be any different? He asked for our faith and our hearts, for it is in surrender to the Lover of our souls that we find life. I’m not ashamed of Jesus and I don’t demand understanding from others. What I hope is that they see the difference that Jesus has made in my life.

I don’t always understand Jesus, but I believe that He loves me. God often makes no sense to my human intellect, but I trust that He is good. Life’s dark days often confuse me beyond my understanding, but my soul knows that light wins in the end…The human heart craves what this world can never fill or understand; our hearts were designed to be consumed with the love of the Father.

Being understood is of no value to me anymore; rather, I long to love others in their isolation, their brokenness, and their pain. When we love others who are suffering, there is something magical about the connection that follows…I can’t explain it, nor can I understand it, but it’s incredible. We were designed for relationship with God and with each other.

Do you feel misunderstood?

When you seek new relationships, are you looking to love others in their confusion, or are you only seeking their understanding?

What if we began looking for the mystery in others, rather than seeking our own affirmation?

What if we found joy in the understanding of God, even when we are misunderstood by humanity?