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Making The Most of Life (Even In The Midst of Unmet Expectations)

Do you have a dream that seems too impossible to achieve?

Have you experienced heartache that’s left you feeling as if healing will never come?

Did you lose something that held deep, intrinsic significance and value?

We have all experienced failure, heartache, and loss that often leaves us with nothing but a desire to quit, to escape, and to find an easier path. In those moments we have the choice: do we continue to move forward in hope, or do we choose to give up? Ultimately, that choice can determine the future we create.

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my life I’ve experienced moments of extreme heartache and disappointment due to failure…Failure to achieve a certain vision…Failure to live up to the high expectations I set for myself…Failure to make the most of every situation.

And yet, I’m learning that I can choose to embrace the fragility of my own humanity, recognizing that even in my mistakes God can make something beautiful, meaningful, and miraculous from the chaos. In choosing to accept my human limitations and failures, I’m then able to live freely from who I really am, rather than striving to live up to impossible expectations that I can never achieve.

When someone truly knows themselves, their limitations, and the all-powerful God, there is freedom in making the most of yourself, enjoying the personal evolution, and then leaving the results of your work in the hands of your Father.

“Most of the important things have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope.” – Dale Carnegie

Carnegie is right. Maybe it’s that you change course and pursue a new dream. Or maybe it’s that you need to accept that healing from your heartache is actually possible. But giving up is not an option…You have so much more to give.

Questions For Thought and Discussion:

  1. What failures or heartaches are you still clinging to?
  2. What would change if you chose to really make the most of yourself, even with all your frailties and weaknesses?
  3. Who do you ultimately want to become and what choices can you make today to get you closer to that reality?