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Look To The Skies: Chasing Dreams In The Land of Limitations

More often than not, many of us miss opportunities in life because we stood still in fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Dreams aren’t forever and neither are open doors. Despite our failures, God can redeem our broken dreams and give us a new vision; however, we should learn from our failures in order to avoid the same mistakes in our future.

John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach, once said, “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

How often have I passed up on an opportunity because I focused on my limitations instead of what I could offer? Why do so many students tell themselves that they’re not smart enough to graduate? Why do so many people strive to be someone else? What makes us believe the lie that grace is beyond our reach?

We have believed a twisted deception that tells us that because we can’t do everything, we can’t do anything

I grew up as a Charlotte Hornets fan in the days of Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, and Dell Curry. And yet, there was one player who stood above the rest, or should I say below? His name was Tyrone Curtis Bogues, but everyone called him “Muggsy”. He stood at 5’3”, which remains the record for shortest player ever in NBA history. After playing at Wake Forest University, he went on to have an incredible NBA career, serving as a reminder that our limitations need not define our potential.

In life, many of us want to be 7’0” tall, when in reality, we are 5’3”. We desire to live a life of meaning, but falter in fear that we won’t have enough fuel to make it the entire journey.

What if we changed our perspective and began looking up at what could be, rather than looking down on what is not? If we never looked to the heavens we would miss the beauty of a star-lit night sky.

Many of us have dreams of helping those in need, producing meaningful work, making authentic friendships, finding healing, knowing the love of God, and experiencing unconditional grace. When we choose to remain stagnant in fear of falling short, we miss the opportunity to impact the world with what we have to offer.

What if we all began asking ourselves what we CAN do instead of what we wish we could do? What if we began loving those within our reach, rather than losing hope and giving up because of our inability to save the entire planet?

If you look up, you will see that you have incredible potential within the vast canvas of life. The lies you hear at night that say “you’re worthless” are wrong. You were created for so much more than survival.


  1. Justin Glose Justin Glose

    Great post, man! Such words of wisdom!

    • Thank you Justin! Glad it spoke to you in some way.

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