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Legacy: What We’re All Leaving Behind

When searching the word “legacy” in you will come across an incredible synonym: “inheritance”. Think about that…the impact you have in this life (aka – your legacy) is leaving an inheritance for those who follow you. An amazing and sobering truth.

At the end of your life, what will people remember about you? Who will celebrate your impact? What contribution of eternal significance will be left from your brief moments in this life?

What inheritance will you pass down to the next generation?

By the way, just in case you think you don’t have any influence, you’re wrong. Every single person leaves an impact on this world, whether you offered hope and life, or darkness and death. I’m not talking about becoming a famous social worker and feeding millions of starving children in Africa (although that’s not a bad idea). I’m also not talking about how many Grammy’s you received, how many championship rings you won, the size of your 401k, or how successful you were in achieving your dreams.

What I’m talking about is who you are currently, who you are becoming, and what impact you will have on the world around you, leaving an inheritance for the future, whether that is 5 people or 5 million.

Every week we go to jobs with our co-workers and managers. Every day we wake up and interact either with our families, roommates, or neighbors. And each day we have the opportunity to inspire, to love, to motivate, and to show others that their lives matter.

Each moment is an opportunity to create the inheritance and legacy that will last beyond your life. What will be your legacy?

– AV


  1. David David

    Thanks for this reminder. I can get so wrapped up in the doings of life’s demands that I forget what matters most. Thanks for pointing me back to the truth. I love your writings… keep it up!! – DT

    • Thanks DT! I really appreciate you taking time to read it!

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