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Inhumanity – Why We’ve Become The Problem & Why That Matters

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” – Fred Rogers

I’m growing weary of hearing about mass shootings, terrorist attacks, racial injustice, our “right” to destroy life, and the constant voice of greed within our society. It’s hard to look for the helpers in the midst of the flames. If the world is burning, why is it that we just don’t seem to care?

Social media is full of hashtags saying #prayfor_____, yet not enough people actually loving their own neighbor and praying for one another. We have so much wealth, and yet so many people still live in poverty. We have too many guns and too little humanity. We are so fixated on ourselves that we’re not looking for the helpers, nor are we joining them in the fight. We’d rather stay behind our cages of comfort and self-indulgence.

Bob Goff once said, “If you want applause, join the circus.” I think our world is often one big show – a circus of clowns begging for approval. We’re all looking so hard to be celebrated that we’re ignorant of the person outside our window, digging through our trash.

I want to look for the helpers. They are out there, somewhere. Yet recently, it’s not easy to find them through the noise and the distractions overflowing from the mouths of politicians, entertainers, social media trolls, and preachers talking about getting “blessings” more than being about being a blessing to someone else. My heart grows weary from the constant chatter about making the empire of America great again, all while we destroy one another in the name of freedom. Just go to Twitter and search through all the trending topics and conversations. If you don’t yet believe in human depravity, you will after an hour on social media.

Dangerous question for you: what if you are the helper you’ve been looking for all this time?

Another not-so-easy question: what if this life isn’t about you and what you can get out of God’s blessings?

One more for kicks: what if someone else’s life needs your grace, your love, your generosity, and your time?

Instead of looking for the helpers, it’s probably time that we became the help we so desperately crave. Why look for others to do what we know needs to be done? Why not do it ourselves?

As a follower of Jesus, I have struggled with how absent the Church has been in conversations surrounding mental health, racial injustice, serving the poor, the sanctity of life, and being about the Kingdom of God (not making America great again). We build beautiful buildings for our weekly Sunday services, all while we turn our eyes away from “those” people in “that” area of town.

It’s time that we started living what we claim to believe. It’s time to become the helpers we so desperately need. It’s time we stopped hiding behind our freedom and started making sacrifices to serve one another.

I’m sick of waiting for the helpers to arrive. It’s time for us to live for more than just ourselves.